Chikitsa - Medical Support

RS Foundation aims to provide support to the needy and underprivileged from varied socio-economic backgrounds facing health challenges, especially those diagnosed with neurological issues.

Aims & Objectives

1. Patient Medication and Support to Family and Caregivers:

  • Provide prescribed medicines to patients diagnosed with neurological conditions through the critical period of treatment
  • Offer support to families and caregivers as they navigate through the health crisis
  • Organize events, awareness drives, symposiums, and fundraisers for the benefit of patients afflicted by neurological conditions
  • Support medical research into various neurological conditions
  • Provide resources to enable caregivers to modify their homes to create a more accessible and patient-friendly setup such as wheelchair access on stairs, ramps, hand rails, bathroom and kitchen modifications, and similar changes.

2. Handholding & Awareness:

  • Create awareness about neurological conditions
  • Recognize early symptoms, and the challenges faced by family and loved ones
  • Educate Caregivers and loved one’s about proper care methods to be provided for such patients.
  • Inculcate a feeling of empathy, in society as a whole, for being sensitive to the problems faced by the less fortunate.

Projects under Chikitsa

Awareness, Empathy & Handholding

Taking forward its commitment to work with patients with neurological issues RS Foundation has partnered with Dakshayani and Amaravati Health and Education and works under its Stroke Support Alliance arm. The partnership aims at

  • Creating and running a platform for caregivers of stroke patients, or any other ailment requiring long-term care, to share their experiences and challenges as they negotiate their difficult journey.
  • Putting in place a system for making scholarships available for children of stroke patients facing economic hardships on account of debilitating health issues faced by the earning member of the family


RSF provides support to patients suffering from neurological issues with prescribed medicines free of cost.

  • Patients must belong to the economically weaker section as certified by our partner hospitals.
  • Medicines will be provided as prescribed by a doctor of the concerned hospital.
  • Cash will not be paid for medicines.
  • Medicines will be provided for an initial period of 1- 3 months.

Medical Camps

The RS Foundation is working extensively in the health and education sectors. The Foundation is now initiating a broad range of partnerships with like-minded institutions, organizations, and establishments to extend medical support through community camps. These camps are intended to provide regular medical advice and support through camps whose periodicity is to be mutually agreed upon. The purpose is to reach out to vulnerable populations to ameliorate common public health challenges and also impart awareness and education of prevention, hygiene and promotive health. Click here to read more.


RSF organizes fundraisers for patients dealing with neurological challenges. The money raised is made available to the family for purposes of medicines, physiotherapy, and overall recovery and rehabilitation expenses.

If you’d like to help organize a fundraiser, please click here.